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Ever get to the end of the year and say “I have no idea where that year went or what I even DID in that 12 months?!” Somehow another year has flown past and you’re not sure what you were doing apart from watching Friends reruns and going to work…

When I decided that 2012 was going to be an awesome year I realised that I needed some inspiration – something I could look at every day that got me so fired up about the year laid out in front of me that it couldn’t be anything BUT epic. So I tore up my a cheap calendar, pinned the pages to the wall and started filling it in with all the things I wanted to do, things I wanted to learn, goals I wanted to blitz and important milestones (like the birth of friends’ babies!) that were going to fall in 2012.

Not only has it kept me totally excited about where the next few months are going, it’s had an extra benefit of helping me reflect on the changes I’ve made this year and the amazing things I’ve done. At the end of each month I’ve turned the page over and covered it in coloured post-its that exclaim “Rejoined the Gym!” “Read 4 books this month!” “Saw Gin Wigmore in Concert!” and other random events like catching up with old friends or going for more walks on the beach near my house. I’ve just turned over April and as I look back over the past four months I can re-read through all the fun, inspiring and joyful things I’ve done.

While I’m looking forward to the magic that each new month is going to bring with it I also can’t wait until the end of the year when my wall will be filled with 12 months of activities that made me laugh, challenged me, inspired me, entertained me or brought me love. New Year’s Day 2013 is going to be me sitting in the sun with a glass of Chardonnay totally blown away by everything I’ve done this year, what I’ve learnt and how I’ve grown. And then I’m going to do it all over again for 2013!

Don’t let your life pass you by – make it count!

” If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden, Coach