It’s actually totally simple. ACT NOW. Not tomorrow, or when you get that qualification, or when you make $10,000 or when you’ve done a bit more training at the gym.

You know you have goals: you have an idea of who you want to be in life – maybe a qualified personal trainer, a philanthropist who donates money to charity or someone capable of completing a triathlon. But at the moment maybe you don’t feel like a winner. You don’t have that piece of paper that ‘let’s’ you advise people, you’re close to broke and getting to the gym once a week has been a stretch for you lately.


Run towards your future self with open arms because if you don’t act in alignment with your dreams and goals TODAY, you’ll never wake up being that person you dream of being TOMORROW.

It’s not about flicking a switch and waking up completely ‘perfect’ the next day. It’s about starting NOW, taking baby steps each and every day and knowing that every tiniest action you take is PROGRESS.

The Japanese refer to it as the “Kaizen” principle – the concept of continual improvement every day until – guess what – you wake up and you’re Oprah! šŸ™‚

(….or a gold medal athlete, famous writer, business owner, philanthropist, personal trainer, etc)

Design the way you want your life to look and fit as much of that passion into your current life as you can. If you want to give more to charity but you feel like you don’t have enough – give anyway. Give what you can. Don’t wait until you feel like you have enough because you’ll probably never get there. Let’s face it – if you won’t give $1 away when you have $100 then realistically you won’t give $100 away when you have a $1000.

These “small” actions often seem so miniscule that we write them off as not even being worth it, but there is huge power in starting to move in the direction of our dreams. It starts to align other parts of your life, your eyes are opened to what you had shut out before and you’ll feel yourself becoming more magnetic to all the amazing things YOUR TRUE SELF was born to do.

ACTION STEP FOR THE DAY: Write down how you want to feel then write down how you can feel this feeling NOW (not when you have more money/love/talent). Want to feel pampered but can’t afford a day spa? Maybe you can instead buy some nice bath salts, light some candles and prepare a bath after work. Want to feel like you’re contributing to the world? Give even $10 to a charity you love. Want to feel healthy and full of energy? Fit a 10 minute walk into your day, several times a day, and organise your lunch before you go to work.

And make yourself accountable! Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re going to do TODAY to take you where you want to be tomorrow.


With passion and purpose