So – yesterday I was sitting on a park bench at the botanical gardens in front of a lake full of ducks. I was basking in the sun, half in a daydream, when a family with their two little girls appeared on the bridge next to me and began throwing bread into the lake to feed the ducks. They threw one or two tiny pieces in at a time and the group of about eight ducks or so maniacally descended on the scraps, pecking each other, splashing up water and (for most of them) emerging with nothing. Their eyes went back to the direction of the bridge, eagerly waiting for more scraps they could fight over.

As I was watched, I saw one duck break free from the group and start swimming towards the edge of the lake, right where I was sitting. With a very inelegant hop, he emerged out of the lake, shook himself off and then proceeded to hobble the few steps to the foot of the bridge. The little girls turned around, were so excited to see him there and of course started feeding him bread like it was going out of fashion.


I imagine that, in their own little duck society, this little guy was probably the equivalent of Tony Robbins.

This duck decided what he wanted and went after it – he didn’t wait around to accept whatever scraps would be dished out to him. Furthermore, he also didn’t question whether he was worthy of getting out of the lake and asking for more. He knew what he wanted, he did the extra work and he got the result he wanted faster, more directly and on a larger scale than everyone else working for the same result.

I had to laugh – because on my ‘break’ from watching several inspiring TED interviews, reading Eckhart Tolle and listening to an audio from Marianne Williamson that day, I was reminded of an important lesson just by watching something so simple. I realised: If you really want bread, sometimes you need to get out of the lake.

Or to take the human perspective:

If you want results, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

This is something we all struggle with: we want change (whether it’s weight loss, a partner to share life with, a dream job) but we don’t want to feel pain or discomfort. As long as you have these conflicting ideas though, you’ll never be able to receive your heart’s desire.

I want to learn more about love and connection, about what makes people tick and how we can work together to bring a whole lot more love and peace into the world. To do that, I have to show up 100% authentically as myself and not lose myself in my old patterns of the past and that has felt tough at times. BUT – everytime I’ve gone through this discomfort I’ve felt myself move a step closer to my goal.

I’d love to hear what you’re struggling with at the moment that’s holding you back from being the ‘breadwinner’! (sorry, I couldn’t resist :P)

What result do you want in your life and what form of discomfort will you have to go through in order to get it?