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Last week I decided I wanted to read more on the topic of finding a life purpose, a calling or a vocation. That day I went into the library and this is one of the first books I saw.

What a fantastic, thought-provoking book! Moore explores why we choose the types of jobs we do, how these effect our relationships and other areas of our life and how we can learn to see our work as a form of prayer – something that facilitates our purpose of why we are on this earth.

I often keep a notebook next to me when I’m reading a book to write down inspiring quotes but this book is so jam packed with insight it became a bit ridiculous. I’m going to actually have to buy a copy just to have in my bookshelf so I can go highlight all the great points that Moore has made.

I’ll leave you with this one:

“Finding your life work is inseparable from maturing as a person and finding your place in society. To mature as a person you have to take considerable time sorting through, taking to heart, and resolving the mistakes and failures that have marked your progress… You need a spiritual vision, a philosophy of life and a deep, evolving sense of values. You need close relationships, participation in community and openness to social need. With these personal qualities in place, you will glimpse the nature of your life work step-by-step and after a long while get a sense of its arc. Then you can help others find their way.”