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There is nothing more amazing than discovering something in life which inspires you.

Something that changes all your concepts of what you thought possible and motivates and uplifts you to be the best you can be.

Something that lights you up from the inside out, unleashes your spark or melts your heart.

The more I look for this in the world, the more I seem to find it – in a walk along the beach, in a poem, listening to a song and having a conversation with my closest friends. The funny thing about inspiration though is that it comes hand in hand with SHARING.

Think about it. What’s the point of being inspired to be the best singer in the world – but then only singing in the shower? Perfecting the PERFECT red velvet cupcake recipe, but then only making and eating them yourself? Inspiration is a desire to do something amazing, which then becomes truly magical only when you share that magic with the world.

So here’s what lights me up and helps me to see the stars in life (even when I’m in the gutter):

  • People with big dreams and beautiful visions of what the world can be like

  • Hearing an amazing piece of music that pulls at my heart strings (Florence and the Machine) – or makes me want to dance like a crazy person (Gin Wigmore)

  • Creating new ideas, setting new goals and brainstorming with inspiring people!

  • Walking along the beach at sunrise, sunset…. or almost any other time. It makes me realise how small any problems I have are in relation to the rest of the world

  • Catching up with my friends over great coffee or red wine and discussing what makes them tick!

  • Watching movies that show the power of the human spirit and inspire you to go out there and give your entire heart

  • Talks on TED (check it out if you haven’t already… friggin’ amazing speeches! http://www.ted.com)

  • Steve Job’s address to Stanford University including the killer line “You are already naked: there’s no reason not to follow your heart”

So now you know a bit more about what inspires me, I want to know

What inspires you?

Whether it’s a song, a movie, an event, a person, a concept, whatever! Share it in the comments below so that other people can be inspired!! 🙂

Here’s my offering: I watched this movie again a couple of months ago and it always puts me in a grateful and totally inspired state of mind!