We all spend at least the start of January thinking about things we’d like to change about our lives. What we did in 2011 that we don’t want to repeat and what we didn’t do that we want to achieve in 2012.

Sometimes it can seem incredibly overwhelming to make a change; sometimes we don’t even really know where to begin. Our lives can be like a tangled ball of string with relationships, work, romance, health, expectations and limiting beliefs all so knotted together that we don’t know where to start!

More often than not, I find that just making a decision to change and improve one area of your life will send positive effects filtering through all other aspects as well. When you can commit to making a change – even just a tiny one – and you achieve this, your self confidence sky rockets. Suddenly the other things that seemed impossible start to seem relatively achievable. The world becomes brighter 🙂

So what I’m really curious about, is what are people feeling the need to focus on in 2012? What area of your life are you maybe fed up with? What area can you bring more love and attention to?

The area I’m focusing on is finding more passion and purpose in my life. What’s yours?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xx  Liz